Thursday, October 29, 2009

thinking spring?

I am. Well ok, not really. I have chrsitmas on the brain. BUT, fall IS the time for planting all those purty flower bulbs for the spring time. The image I chose from Sunshine this time, was Gardner Bunny. LOVE this guy! Love to think about the spring time and what it will bring for us.... head on over to Sunshine's and get your bunny... You know, for all you gardener's out there... he would make the PERFECT image to put on a package of your own seeds that you might want to give as a gift. (I LOVE to do this)
Jut a thought....


  1. Gardener Bunny looks wonderful! I love the way you have coloured him and that punch is awesome in the background! Great job! :)

  2. Awsome card, layout is so purty with all the swirlies. Great coloring job, all in all a great card.


  3. Ack! I swear I left a comment - now it's gone.... Zoinkies! I love this card! I used to love planting bulbs, but lately that just seems too much. I'll just look at purdy pictures of yours!! ~ky

  4. He turned out awesome! Love the background! Terrific job done!

  5. I love this! You have created a super background for this little guy!!

  6. This is a great card I love it! Even if it isn't spring there it is here and this is great!

    Take Care