Friday, August 13, 2010

loooooong tima a comin...

this post is....
It has been a million years since I blogged or did anything creative. There is a reason for that. We have put our home on the market, and had an offer put in on a new one. Well since ours is on the market, it means keeping the house spotless. :( And while I love having a clean house, it also means that I have not properly messed up my scrap room getting creative! UGH. Well since all the projects fro the house are completed and we've had 11 walk throughs and no bids, I decided the hell with it, I am making a mess. Boy howdy, did it feel good to make a mess. a slight mess, but a mess none the less!!
the image from I did it creations, is cat and frog. How cute is that little bugger???? Make sure u check out the rest of our design team and see what they have been up to!!


  1. Sometimes it's good to make a mess! :)

    Cute card! Don't give up the hobby completely! It HAS been a long time coming!

  2. Very cute! We chose the same image, but used it very differently.

  3. Such a cute card! Love the colors!

  4. Making a mess is a lot of FUN. Welcome back to the mess club (lol) Cute card, I do like that image.

  5. So sweet. And make a mess! Feel free! Feel creative! OK, not too big a mess if you want to sell :)