Saturday, February 27, 2010

it's challenge time!!

and here this week, the challenge, is to make a scrap book layout. This one, was hard for me because I have not scrapped in like i dunno a BILLION years. (Or so it would seem) Anyhoo- I did the layout but left it blank and would add my pics later... took the photo, and tired to upload it and NOTHING. Had the hubs look at both things, and he's scratching his head. We think it is something with the camera, which if it is, that is hugely disappointing, since I have had it just over a year. If it is the computer, I am going to cry. Seems like computer problems are running rampant in these parts lately! My one friend just lost her hard drive and a few months before that her other computer, the mother board went! UGH.
So in the mean time, I will let you gave at the sketch, and make your own lay out. Make sure to visit the challenge blog, and upload yours, and you can with some of Robyn's images!! woo-hoo! When I get back from the camera place, I will try and upload my creation...
Do not forget to check out the rest of RObyn's design team, they are wonderful, and I can not wait to see what they come up with!!!!!
peace out, girl scout!


  1. Oh my.....I haven't scrapped in awhile, also. Probably more recently than you - but still...heehee.

  2. P.S. Could it be your card reader???

  3. hmmm.... never thought of the card reader.... my won't I feel silly. I am still going to take it for a look see.

  4. Good luck getting your problems sorted out. My hubby is my computer guru, too.

  5. I can relate with technical difficulties. My printer is on the fritz. I hope you get it all sorted out. Have a fabulous weekend. :-)

  6. Darn technical difficulties. Hope you can post a picture of your layout soon, would love to see it!