Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ok, so there are several things I am UBER excited about!!! 1. My dad is turning 70. Now, normally 70 would not be THAT big of a deal, but those of you in bloggy land that know me, know that he has been ill, and has almost died twice. :( BUT, he is not fit as a fiddle, and ready to rumble!!!so celebrating 70 with him is an awesome feat. Makes me so happy you have NO idea.
2. It is Saturday at Robyn's Fetish! and, with that comes a challenge. This weeks challenge is cool, I had a lot of fun playing with it.The challenge will run from today until next Friday. One lucky winner will be able to choose a few images from Robyn's fetish!! (And I tell ya what, I am so glad it is not me that had to make that decision, because they are sooooo cute you will want them all!!)
Ok, this weeks challenge... Your card MUST have the following on it...
*Dimension. Pop dots.. give it a "boost"
*Pleated ribbon or paper. (this one I struggles with, but finally figgered it out)
*fibers... -you know, the stuff that we had to have 10 years ago b/c it was cool, and we have put it up in a box some where?? Yeah., that's the stuff... Twine, fibers, yarn...)
*more dimension: Diamond glass, Souffle pens, stickles...

On my card, I pop dotted both layers of nestibilities
I added dimension to the sprinkles and candle using diamond glass
my fiber was the flame
my pleated ribbon is under the image

Do not forget to check out the other members on the design team, to see their marvelous work. They NEVER cease to amaze me. I am fortunate to be among such talent!!


  1. Very cute! I do love that cupcake and those colors!

    Michelle B.

  2. A very Happy Birthday to your Dad.

    Cute card. I love the colors that you used.

  3. You go, girl! Cute card - and wowza, what a great challenge! I may have to partake in this one myself. :)

    Happy Birthday to your daddy-o! How wonderful it is to hear he's back to good health.

  4. so pretty stephanie!!! great job!!!


  5. Happy B-day Dad!!!!
    Love the card!!
    Great coloring and use of the're so crafty :)

  6. Love the embossing! Great job!!!! :-)

  7. Love how you colored the cupcake and the embossing! :)


  8. Great card! Love the distressed embossing and your coloring!

  9. What a great card Stuffie! Love how it looks like a real flame coming out of the candle. Hugs!

  10. Nice card!!! Love the way you used fibers for the flame!!