Saturday, March 6, 2010

it's saturday....

aside from being up with the chickens, it is not turning out to be such a bad day!!
This week has flown by. Seriously flown. It has been rather exciting for me. 1. I was accepted to another design team! Wow! Lil ol me. 2. I was hired as a sub for a rather large school district. Holy crap. I am a secondary education/English major. (although looney will argue that one tooth and nail, b/c of my **stellar** typing skills.
Yet I digress.
the moist important thing on my agenda today, is the Robyn's Fetish Challenge!!
This week your challenge (should you choose to accept it, if to create ANYTHING but a card. Yup. any ol thing you want. Myself, when I saw this, I thought...hmmmm, I can do this! I made a candle! Yup. Ok, well lemme rephrase. I ALTERED a candle, using a digi image. I BOUGHT the actual pillar its self. I know, I know technicalities, but I did not want my adoring fans thinking I was THAT craftastic! Don't let's be silly now. The thing was EASY-PEASY. First, I got the image from Robyn. (and sake's alive she has a BUNCH at the store to choose from) then, I printed the digi on tissue paper. Yup. plain ol tissue paper. (and not the tissue you use for your arse, or nose) I then colored the images with my prisma pencils and gamsol. I attacked the ribbon at top with zip dry, chiseled a hole for the brad,threw on some stickles, and wa-la. Done. Finito. PHEW!oh wait a cotton pickin minute. AFTER I colored the image, i put them on the candle, then wrapped the candle with a piece of wax paper, (to keep these beauties that I cut out ON the candle) Then I used my heat gun to heat the image onto the candle. The warm wax seeps through the tissue paper. cool huh? It is **Almost** as fun as shrinky dinks. OOOOOOOOOOOOH, what a FAB idea! Run a sheet of shrink film through your printer with your digi image, color, cut and bake! I have a daisy troop, that these would look super cute with on a bracelet or a necklace..... Ok, off to find the shrink paper...
make sure though, that you check out the rest of the design team, over on the side bar, and see what these talented ladies have created!! We just added 5 new members, so make sure you stop by and leave some bloggy love, they LOVE to get comments!!!


  1. This turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!!!!

    Pssst....the "moist" important thing???? LOL. You make it too easy for me. (Still, I say CONGRATULATIONS on your accomplishments! You deserve what you've worked so hard to attain!)

  2. This is FABULOUS - I must get some candles - you have inspired me!

  3. This is beautiful! What a fabulously great idea! I love it!!!! Congrats, too! :-)

  4. This really turned out wonderful! I love those flowers.

  5. Love the candle, so pretty! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog--it's nice to blog-meet you!

  6. It sounds easy but one of these days I have to get you to show me how to make the candles. Please!!!!

    Love it.

  7. Love your candle, so pretty!


  8. GORGEOUS!!!!! That turned out awesome Stuffie!!!!! Great coloring :)

  9. I love this candle!! What a great idea...and yes I am going to try this one out!! TFS


  10. Cool! smells like end of school year teacher gifts!

  11. So pretty - love the flowers!