Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Digi Shack Wednesday!~~

So, this week, at The Digi Shack, Our task, should we choose to accept it, was to create a card using this sketch. I chose to use the Dog's birthday. I LOVE using stamps with wonky eyes.... call me crazy. (shaddup to all'ya's in the peanut gallery) I colored this guy with my copic markers. i NEED to work on it some, but I am happy with how he came out. :) So, head on over to the Digi shack and check out her images, and then see what our waaaaay talented design team has cooked up with this sketch. Guaranteed to blow your mind!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Digi shack Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday Challenge at the Digi Shack!! Toni, the owner, has given us a super challenge for today. That challenge is to create a card that is NOT your normal A2 or square card!! How fun is that???? I chose to do a long skinny card with a cut out for the focal point. Isn't this little bird struggling to get the worm just super cute??? Perfect for Spring :) If you think he is cute, go take a look at the Digi Shoppe and see what else Toni has to offer!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Paper piecing Saturday...

This week, at The Digi Shack, our assignment was to create a card, using the image printed on design paper. Well, I chose the fish playing the guitar...(I just LOVE this quirky little bugger) anyhoo, since I did the one lay out in green and blue and dots I cased my won design and created another one, but this time I printed my favorite lil fishie out on design paper, from basic grey. (my fave paper line)I used the lime rickey paper, which i thought was fitting, b/c it is dotty and orange!!! I colored his arms blue this time, because orange and blue are compliments and I think they look smashing together!! Make sure you head over to The Digi shack and see the other amazing images she has to offer, and make SURE you check out the rest of the design team list located to the right -------------> and see the amazing talent that resides within!!!!
Peace out, girl scout!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's Saturday...

and a dreary one at that. :( We are supposed to have rain for the next few days UGH. So I have decided to stay in my sanctuary, nice and dry. aaaahhhh. Well while I am in here I might as well create SOMETHING. So I have. For your viewing pleasure are two wedding or anniversary cards. Why you ask? I have absolutely NO idea. None. Not one reason comes to mind, I don't KNOW anyone getting married any time soon. Sure there are new babies coming, but NO weddings. Oh well. They were fun and easy peasy to make regardless!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


a word that can actually make me go WEAK in the knees... seriously. I thought it was a disease or something, but no. My girlfriends all assured me it was perfectly fine. lol

Here are the deets....
head on over to The Digi Shack. Peruse their shelves. Just WAIT to see what she had cooked up next....
and when you are ready to check out...
Digi Shack will give you a 15% discount on any $10 or more!!!!
Here is your code:

what is NOT to love about that?????


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my New favorite day

pf the week is now by far Wednesdays. Seriously. No more middle finger of the week for me. Why you ask? Well I'll enlighten you. Tuesday is laundry day here, so that means in theory my laundry is finished...Wednesday is when I get to share with you not only one, but 2, yes 2 cards. One from Robyn's Fetish, and the other from The digi shack.the first card, is from the Digi shack. This week, it is water color wednesdays. Well when I first heard this, I thought, man I have NO skill when it comes to water color. Au contraire mon fraire. (or something to that effect)I indeed DO have water color technique... they use water color pencils!!! Surprised my self, I did!! I cut out the egg, embossed it with assorted folders for my cuttle bug, and put the adorable bunny from The Digi Shack in the center of the flower with a pop dot!! Cool,huh?? So that is card number one...

The second card is for Robyn's Fetish!

Wednesdays there are Wacky Wednesdays freebies!! Woohoo! I was given this image to play with for another challenge, and here she is again!! I just LOVE her! She is such fun to color!
make sure you head to Robyn's and get your free image!
as always, don't forget to check out the other design team member's blogs and see their creativity!!! It always blows me away!!!! make sure when yous top, to leave some bloggy lovin!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i made cupcakes tonight

for my Daisy scouts, in honor of the founders birthday.
Thought you all might like a peek! talk about a sugar rush!

Monday, March 8, 2010

it's an oldie

but this image is perhaps by far one of my favorite Sunshine stamps images. His name is Lenny the Loader!! So fun. SO versatile. I am thinking this summer, I will put him on some t shirts for the boys. I did that with the super bird image that Robbie drew. LOVE him!!! (lenny)
enjoy the image! Thanks for looking!! Head over to sunshines to get your image!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

can I get a wooo-hoooo?

I was accepted by another design team!!!! This time, it is the Digi Shack!!! They are an amazing place! The images are so fun!!! I love working with them!
Today, in honor or the store's re-opening, (Which I like a HUGE dork missed last night, so my deepest apologies going out to all of you for missing that) Toni has put together a blog hop!!
So, if you arrived here from Ramona, then you are in the right spot!! From here, you will go see the fabulous Tammy! If you have just popped onto my blog, and you want to check out what a blog hop is, then you need to go to the beginning... here. The hop starts at 9 a.m., Est. You will check out each blog in a specific order, and then the owner of that blog will have a challenge for you to participate in!! There will be some fab free images going around for those winners of the challenges!! Much fun will be had by all!!
What is my challenge you ask? Well I'll tell you...
I have been sooooo tired of the snow and the grey and the cold. I CRAVE the warmth and the colors of summer. Not any colors, but FESTIVE colors. Like Lime Green and Turquoise Blue, Or Hot pink and Orange (doodle bug design paper comes to mind on me for this one!!)
SO your challenge for this blog is to create a card, using the colors lime green and blue, or pink and orange!! Make sure you leave me a comment and link me your creation, so that I can look at them all. :) I will randomly choose two winners, and those two winners will receive a FREE image from The DIgi Sshack!! And lemme tell you I think this image is SUPER FUN!!!!! I am so excited by this, I have participated in blog hops before, but have NEVER been able to post a challenge AND give away a prize!! Woo-hooo!!!!!! So, get into your scrappy place, and make a card!! You don't have to use a digi shack image, but they are super fun, go check them out!

My card, I used the digi fish image. I used paper from bazzil, and the DP is some from my stash. I used a border punch from EK success, and added dew drops for a little dimension. The ribbon is also from my stash. Don't foeget to leave a comment, and make sure you link back!! I wanna see all your fab creations!!

Peace out, girl scout!

hippity hop!

Today is the blog hop for the Digi Shack!!!! Make sure you start here. The hop begins at 9 A.M., PST!!! There will be loads of challenges and fun stuff given away! Make sure you stop on by!!

peace out, girl scout!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

it's saturday....

aside from being up with the chickens, it is not turning out to be such a bad day!!
This week has flown by. Seriously flown. It has been rather exciting for me. 1. I was accepted to another design team! Wow! Lil ol me. 2. I was hired as a sub for a rather large school district. Holy crap. I am a secondary education/English major. (although looney will argue that one tooth and nail, b/c of my **stellar** typing skills.
Yet I digress.
the moist important thing on my agenda today, is the Robyn's Fetish Challenge!!
This week your challenge (should you choose to accept it, if to create ANYTHING but a card. Yup. any ol thing you want. Myself, when I saw this, I thought...hmmmm, I can do this! I made a candle! Yup. Ok, well lemme rephrase. I ALTERED a candle, using a digi image. I BOUGHT the actual pillar its self. I know, I know technicalities, but I did not want my adoring fans thinking I was THAT craftastic! Don't let's be silly now. The thing was EASY-PEASY. First, I got the image from Robyn. (and sake's alive she has a BUNCH at the store to choose from) then, I printed the digi on tissue paper. Yup. plain ol tissue paper. (and not the tissue you use for your arse, or nose) I then colored the images with my prisma pencils and gamsol. I attacked the ribbon at top with zip dry, chiseled a hole for the brad,threw on some stickles, and wa-la. Done. Finito. PHEW!oh wait a cotton pickin minute. AFTER I colored the image, i put them on the candle, then wrapped the candle with a piece of wax paper, (to keep these beauties that I cut out ON the candle) Then I used my heat gun to heat the image onto the candle. The warm wax seeps through the tissue paper. cool huh? It is **Almost** as fun as shrinky dinks. OOOOOOOOOOOOH, what a FAB idea! Run a sheet of shrink film through your printer with your digi image, color, cut and bake! I have a daisy troop, that these would look super cute with on a bracelet or a necklace..... Ok, off to find the shrink paper...
make sure though, that you check out the rest of the design team, over on the side bar, and see what these talented ladies have created!! We just added 5 new members, so make sure you stop by and leave some bloggy love, they LOVE to get comments!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


i used to loathe Wednesdays. I am nto sure why, but I did. Never cared much for that day, kinda like the middle finger of you week. Taunting you... weekend isn't here yet... lol. BUT, now, Wednesdays have a WHOLE new meaning. It is wacky wednesday over at RObyn's Fetish stamps!!. That means that you, my frined, get a digital image absoutely free!!!! Well now! Isn't that grand? And as if that was not enough, she has lots of other images for your perusing pleasure. So you buy a stamp. That's step one. You print it out and all, and then you think to your self, now what? I will tell you what... You make a card! Add it to a scrap book page, what ever your pea pickin little heart desires! If you get hung up on an idea for a card, just look to the right----*there is a list of her design team!! Check out the talent this lady has scored!! If you stop by their blogs, don't forget to leave bloggy love! We all like to know who's been visitin!
and, if any of you are wondering what ever happened with the camera? **blushing** Not only did I have a wrong setting on my camera, I some how (and lard have mercy, i have NO idea how) I took pics with no flash card. YUP, here I was snapping away, all the while the flash card was safely stowed in the printer... smacks forhead="" ugh. So this time it was operator error, something I never thought I would succumb to.HOWEVER- I did spill a 16 oz coke, all over my laptop.... Um yeah. That's not so great for the laptop. Bad news? lost all the files. Good news? It is covered by Dell. PHEW. Now, just the inconvience of not having it for 2 weeks. I will go through WITHDRAWL!>